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Nutrition Programmes 

Carefully Prepared for You 

Be Alive

This programme is ideal for everyone. From beginners, who want to discover how it is to feel great by improving their nutrition and lifestyle, to advanced enthusiasts, who want to learn new valuable tips and knowledge or just reassure what they are already doing is right. 

Live Your Life

This middle package programme is for those who need a little bit more time and assistance with the journey to transform their lives. Or for those who have an ongoing illness and need  nutritional support.

Love Your Life

This intensive VIP programme is for those who want to give it all! For those who desire a complete restart. This package is also for individuals with more complicated medical problems seeking nutritional and lifestyle support to improve the quality of their lives.

        About Dita 

Dip. NT, mNTOI

My learning journey started 15 years ago when I studied nursing school and a pharmaceutical assistant course. Both in the Czech Republic.

I have always been interested in human health and wellbeing in general. Back then already, I would intuitively and often be drawn towards natural remedies.

Shortly after I graduated, I left home and set out on a journey to Australia to initially learn and discover the world a bit. It has not always been easy. But this venture has helped me to get to know and understand myself better. There have been obstacles and issues which I have had to face. Many of them were health-related being strongly connected to the lifestyle I led, which seemed to be normal in a sense. Like most of us would have thought.

After many months of struggling to resolve the problems by mainly using medical drugs, I barely saw the light at the end of the tunnel. This was the point when I started getting to be genuinely interested in my own health directly connected to how things work the natural way. I soon knew that the human body could be nourished and consequently healed in different, more naturalistic alternatives. I set off towards some of them. And they worked! Before I knew, I found myself utterly emerged into nutrition and its related fields.

In 2013, after four years spent Down Under, we decided with my husband to move to Ireland. I met a bunch of interesting people in Dublin who shared my passion. In 2015, I discovered the College of Naturopathic Medicine , from which I graduated as a Nutritional Therapist in 2018.

I am continuously improving my knowledge by attending various seminars and conferences to discover new techniques and findings which will help my clients. Together with self-study and being  part of an amazing team in The Health Store, I keep my general knowledge up to date, including various food supplements and healthy nutrition trends.

My interests have become my passion, which drives me to help and assist others with their journey to improve their quality of life by making simple lifestyle and diet changes. I have been working very hard and have gone quite a way to become the best version of me. Now, you can let me to help You – to guide you on the journey during the transition.

I am living my dream!  🙂


My Approach

Everyone has individual needs and physiological sets. I, therefore, make sure that any recommended guidance uses a holistic strategy and will perfectly suit the current state of your life and  mind. However, every effort aiming towards positive changes does require certain moves of stepping out of your comfort zone. 🙂

Unique Framework

All recommendations and built plans are based on the latest researches and information regarding the practises and science of natural medicine, which are published by prestigious papers and journals. Also, if needed, all medical matters and conditions are consulted in details with other professionals and specialists.

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